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800 - 814 - Charlemagne the Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire

Это произошло 800 - 814

Charlemagne the Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire from AD 800 to 814

778 - Widukind led a revolt against the Franks

Это произошло 778

In 778 the Saxon chief Widukind led a large scale revolt against the Franks.

782 Widukind wiped out Franks.

Это произошло 782

The Saxons discovered an able leader in Widukind, and in 782, managed to wipe out a substantial army of Franks.

789 - Egbert young kind of Wessex drove into exile be Offa of Mercia

Это произошло 789

Charlemagne played a hand in starting the unification of England, by giving shelter to Egbert, the young king of Wessex, when Offa of Mercia drove him into exile in 789.

791 - 795 Charlemange's campaings against Avars

Это произошло 791 - 795

Charlemagne's campaigns against the Avars in 791 and 795 had destroyed Bulgaria's only other enemy in the Balkans, allowing them to concentrate all of their efforts on Byzantium.

793 - Another Saxon rebellion

Это произошло 793

Another Saxon rebellion in 793 opens the fourth period of Charlemagne's reign.

796 - Ealdorman Eardwulf would emerge as king of Northumbria.

Это произошло 796

Eardwulf, king of Northumbria (26 May 796 - 806 [expelled], 808-10 [restored with help from Charlemagne])